01/24/2014 12:09 pm ET Updated Jan 24, 2014

Hank Azaria Discusses The Scariest Part Of Being A Dad ... So Far

In his new web series, "Fatherhood," actor Hank Azaria explores what it's really like to become a dad, and talks to a few of his friends (Bryan Cranston, Kevin Bacon, etc.) about their own experiences.

Azaria joined HuffPost Live to reflect on the documentary and discuss life as a father to his almost-5-year-old son, Hal.

"I was really scared of the whiney, tantrum phase, which thank goodness, we're exiting. We're not totally out of those woods, but it's getting less and less," Azaria said, when asked about his biggest parenting fear.

But then again, as parents, our fears are constantly changing, he explains. The teenage phase is equally scary.

"You know, dealing with how to handle what they're going to be doing online and all the cyber stuff you need to be mindful of, and what they can encounter. And then as a teenager experimenting with drugs and alcohol, all of that I'm really like, 'wow I need to brace myself, see what we're gonna do then,'" he said.

Watch the full segment and check out Episode 1 of "Fatherhood" here.