01/24/2014 02:02 pm ET Updated Jan 24, 2014

Couple Fails To Notice Their Bear Stalker (VIDEO)

They're lucky this encounter wasn't more grizzly.

A couple visiting Pasadena, Calif., from Scotland got a furry surprise Tuesday morning when a black bear sneaked up behind them, KABC reported. Surveillance footage shows the two walking out of a home, oblivious to the bear waiting in the shadows.

"I felt something brushing against my leg," Bob McKeown told the station. "Once I closed the door, I turned around, I shout, 'It's a bear! It's a bear!'"

The bear pawed at the McKeown's leg, creating a small nick, before the man rushed inside to call 911, ABC News reported. Then the animal "just went away," Irene McKeown told KABC.

According to KTLA, Pasadena residents reported seeing a black bear cub wandering around backyards in the area on Thursday afternoon. One resident called the animal a "good guy" and said he had seen the bear around before.

It's unclear if this bear is one and the same as the bear that encountered the McKeowns.



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