03/01/2012 09:23 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2014

Dessert Recipes For Peanut Butter Lovers (PHOTOS)

Each one of them sweeter than the next.

Peanut butter is one of those items that when people love it, they really love it; it borderlines obsession. Some of us even have to refrain from buying a jar at the supermarket, knowing full well that it won't last through the night.

While we at HuffPost Taste believe that eating peanut butter straight up is a most delicious way to enjoy it, there are so many great things that can be made with this wonder of peanut wonders that sometimes we can't help but bake with it. From peanut butter and chocolate cakes to peanut butter pies and even peanut butter brownies, the possibilities are endless.

If you've recently made the switch from regular peanut butter to natural, check out our taste test results to find which brand tasted best.

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