01/24/2014 06:24 pm ET Updated Jan 24, 2014

Zach Braff Crashes Donald Faison's Reddit AMA, Proves The Bromance Lives On

Larry Busacca via Getty Images

Donald Faison and Zach Braff are best friends, both on "Scrubs" and in real life. They snuggle in the pool and sing Christmas carols together. Faison even married his wife Cacee Cobb at Braff's Los Angeles home.

So, when Faison held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with fans on Reddit on Thursday (Jan. 23), it wasn't at all surprising that Braff showed up to chat with his buddy. Braff, whose username is zachinoz, is a frequent Redditor and has hosted AMAs of his own. He brought some shenanigans to his best bud's AMA, and fans loved the "Scrubs" co-stars' chitchat as much as they enjoyed Faison answering their own questions.

Faison hosted the AMA in order to promote his fundraising event to benefit Soles4Souls, a non-profit organization that fights poverty. He is currently running a Prizeo campaign in which donors can enter to win a walk-on role on Faison's TV Land sitcom "The Exes."

Check out the highlights of Faison and Braff's banter below.

  • donald_faison: Zach's on here somewhere. if i knew how to use this thing better then i would tell you. Look for zachinoz.

    zachinoz: Right here. How baked can you be?

    donald_faison: dude, you have no idea.
  • donald_faison: hold on. gotta pee.

    zachinoz: Your onesie took a long time. Did it become a twosie?

    donald_faison: not quite a twosie.
  • frajer: What was the best part of filming Clueless?

    donald_faison: everything. that was the true jump off.

    zachinoz: Is this ebonics? Follow up: Do you "keep it real?"
  • zachinoz: Have you ever drag-raced a Lambo on pills in Miami?

    donald_faison: No. dude come on.
  • zachinoz: Braff here. Is it true that your penis is so large that several times it has been mistaken as an eel?

    donald_faison: yes this is true.

    zachinoz: Follow up: are you able to ride a bicycle, or does your eel need a sidecar?

    donald_faison: I don't know if there's a sidecar big enough buddy.
  • zachinoz: It's rumored that you are often "ashy." What advice can you give to people with ashy elbows, knees and scrotums?

    donald_faison: coco butter
  • zachinoz: What do you like more; Weed or Oxygen?

    donald_faison: i need both to live.

Read Faison's entire AMA here.