01/25/2014 09:36 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Grind,' Hook Up App Musical, To Be Released By Chemically Altered Productions

Social meet-up apps like Grindr are not uncommon in the gay community and now experiences with technologically-enabled hook-ups are the inspiration for a new musical.

Called "Grind," and produced by Chemically Altered Productions, the show had its own Indiegogo campaign to fund post-production and is slated to star, among other notable names, Anthony Rapp ("Rent") and Pasha Pellosie ("Project Runway").

"'Grind' is a short film musical that takes a sexy and artistic look at the ways we connect in today’s multi-screened hook up culture and asks, 'Do you really know who you’re talking to?'" the project's Indiegogo campaign notes. "Created by a multi-disciplined team from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, musical theater, film, pop music, classical dance, psychology, and technology are all represented and this project will take advantage of them all as it explores the emotional vulnerability and danger involved in connecting with others in the irreversibly intrusive world we sign on for willingly."

Keep an eye out for more updates on "Grind" in the future and follow the project on Facebook or Twitter to stay in the loop.

(h/t Anti Twink)