01/25/2014 07:24 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Animal Rescuer James Guiliani Helps A Duck Make New Feathered Friends (VIDEO)

When animal rescuer James Guiliani gets a call for help, the animal in need typically has four legs and fur. This time, however, James gets sent on an unusual rescue mission that doesn't fit the normal bill.

Howard, a duck who found his way to Brooklyn, is James' most recent rescue on the OWN docu-series "The Diamond Collar." After taking him to the vet, James is told Howard needs to learn to socialize with other ducks.

"Howard has absolutely never seen another duck before, and I'm a little nervous to see how these other ducks are going to treat him," assistant vet Steven says in the above video.

"Howard's definitely a Brooklyn duck," James says. "100 percent, he has a beautiful attitude. He's a tough little guy. "

Howard is the smaller than the other three ducks, so Steven cautiously eases him into the water. Can these birds of the same feather flock together? "We got the Brooklyn duck versus three Staten Island ducks," James says. "There might be a little bit of a gang war here."

Like Howard, James knows what it's like to be the underdog. Before dedicating his life to rescuing abused and abandoned animals, James worked as a street enforcer for the mob. "I got locked up on a robbery," he says. "I ended up going to Suffolk County Prison. Everybody there knew each other. I walk in and nobody knows me. I gotta make my stance in there. So that's what Howard's gotta do. You know, Howard's gotta earn his feathers."

With a few words of encouragement, Howard seems to be adjusting to his fellow ducks. "He's definitely fitting in, no?" James asks.

"I definitely think so," Steven says. "This might be a great happy ending, after all."

"The Diamond Collar"
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