01/27/2014 02:16 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2014

Andrea Mitchell Addresses Her Infamous Justin Bieber Moment

Cable news caught a lot of flack for its recent coverage of Justin Bieber's arrest — and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell did not seem too thrilled about the way news cropped up on her show either.

"It was obviously awkward and unplanned," Mitchell told CNN's Brian Stelter when asked to comment on having to interrupt an interview with former Congresswoman Jane Harman for a Bieber headline.

"All I can say is, so be it. It's the luck of the draw," she added, acknowledging that she expected his arraignment to come during her show and said she tried to keep the coverage to a minimum. Mitchell also defended her show against criticism, saying, "I have more foreign policy coverage five days a week on my program than any other program on television, so you can imagine that this was unusual."

Mitchell pointed her finger at CNN for its coverage of Justin Bieber. For its part, the network also defended itself on Monday. CNN president Jeff Zucker said that he was "incredibly comfortable" with the way the network handled the story, saying that it was just one of several that CNN covered in recent days.

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