01/27/2014 08:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

15 Foods You Probably Haven't Touched Since You Were A Kid


As we settle in for a long winter, many adults are seeking the warm comfort that comes from the favorite foods of their childhood. Whether they be grilled cheese sandwiches or chicken and dumplings, we love them -- at least some of them. What about the foods our adult palates shy away from, the foods we haven't eaten since childhood and probably never will again?

We asked our Facebook fans about the foods they haven't touched in decades -- and happily so. Jan Gloster revealed a laundry list of foods she hasn't eaten in years: "Oranges with peppermint sticks, cotton candy, candy cigarettes, Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Roll Pops, Creamsickles and Hostess cream-filled cupcakes." But some folks still enjoy their childhood favorites. "Comfort food then is comfort food now. I eat it all. The only thing I miss is my mom's bread pudding. She couldn't share the recipe because she didn't have one," said Louise Butler.

What else did our readers have to say? They're happy their days of Spam -- the canned precooked meat product -- are over. But pink lemonade wasn't so bad and is still delicious in the summer. For more responses, check out the list below. What foods have you not eaten since you were a kid? Let us know in comments.

1) "Spam. Powdered milk. Lima beans. Chipped beef on toast. Yuck to all of them," said Sue Bastien.

spam meat

2) "Wax lips," said Jamie Wieloch Greco.

wax lips

3) "All those Hostess cupcakes, Ring Dings, Yankee Doodles," said Barbara Hoppenfeld.

hostess cupcakes

4) "Ambrosia... Neapolitan ice cream," said Jeff Johnson.


5) "Pigs in a blanket," said Bridget Burton Malfer.

pigs in a blanket

6) "SpaghettiOs," said Anna Cornwall.


7) "Cheez Whiz," said Kyle Harrow.

cheez whiz

8) "Canned ravioli," said Susan Gilreath Hanks.

canned ravioli

9) "Vienna sausages," said Sandra Kay Prevo Powell.

vienna sausages

10) "Cream Soda! The smell takes me straight back," said Jilly Chiappini.

cream soda

11) "Creamsicles, Fudgesicles," said Melanie Springer.


12) "Fish sticks," said Debby Nimowitz Laznik.

fish sticks

13) "We had canned mac & cheese," said Debbie Hammer Furlow.

mac and cheese

14) "Orange soda and bubble gum (if you can call those foods)," said Jim Britt Nehi.

orange soda

15) "Tripe," said Joseph Luther.




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