01/27/2014 02:34 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2014

German Highway Church In Siegerland Offers Interfaith Fuel For The Soul Along Autobahn

German motorists can now stop off for spiritual fuel, as well as for food and rest, with the advent of "autobahn churches," which are small sanctuaries open round the clock. The church in Siegerland accomplishes this goal with its unusual modern architecture and Friday religious services.

Inspired by the German highway symbol for a church, the Autobahn Church Siegerland is a visually arresting place of peace and reflection. Abstract on the outside, the interior is filled with light and warmth and welcomes all travelers to come rest.

Architects schneider + schumacher won a competition to design a motorway church for Siegerland, which is Germany's 40th such structure. It's an ecumenical place of worship where all are welcome, at all hours. Serving as a kind of "gas station for the soul," it fulfills a spiritual need that a normal rest stop would not provide.

Architect Michael Schumacher told DW, "For architects, churches have always been the most wonderful buildings imaginable, because they are not so functional."



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