01/27/2014 01:13 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2014

Kim Kardashian Talks Getting A Shot In The Eye, Leaks Breast Milk In TMI-Filled 'KUWTK' Episode

Sure, we've all been there ...

The Kardashians aren't shy about sharing personal details about their lives, and on the Jan. 26 episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," we learned just a little too much about Kim Kardashian's sex life with Kanye West. While sitting in her mother's home, the 33-year-old new mom complained to her sister Khloe about how she managed to spray hand sanitizer in her eye, however, Khloe didn't have much sympathy for Kim:

"I opened up a bottle of hand sanitizer, and it squirted right in my eye and burned my eye," Kim told her sister.

"Aren't you used to that? When Kanye ..." Khloe asked, as Kim nodded in reference to a bedroom mishap.

Moments later, the conversation turned to Kim's breast, which was leaking milk, and subsequently horrifying her sister and brother Rob, who was also present for the previous conversation.

“What the f--k? That weirds me out. For real," Rob told Kim, while Khloe compared it to a "water fountain."

For her part, Kim seemed unconcerned with her siblings' comments. “It’s only on one side. Interesting," she said as she investigated the situation.



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