01/28/2014 08:40 am ET Updated Jan 28, 2014

Chuck Todd's Bleak Message For Obama Before State Of The Union Address

Chuck Todd had some pretty rough words for President Obama on Tuesday's "Morning Joe" ahead of the State of the Union address.

The NBC News correspondent was discussing a new poll that showed what Obama will be up against on Tuesday night. A majority of respondents described the state of the union as "divided" (37 percent), "troubled" (23 percent) or "deteriorating" (21 percent), while 27 percent of respondents said that they were "pessimistic/worried" about Obama's second term and 21 percent said they were "uncertain/wondering."

Todd said that he believes Obama's speech will address what Americans want to hear, but the big question that remains, he said, is "Is the public gonna tune in and are they gonna listen to him?"

"You have a majority that essentially don’t believe the rest of his second term is going to get any better,” Todd continued. “Does that mean they’ve given up on him? I think these are the things that would be going through my head in the West Wing, worried about why this speech is so important for him tonight because I think it’s the last best chance he has of getting the public to listen to him. But you have to look at these numbers and wonder, is that already passed?"

(h/t Washington Free Beacon)