01/28/2014 06:50 pm ET

What Cristina Fernandez And Fidel Castro Did When They Met Up This Week (PHOTOS)


Cristina Fernández has not only returned to the public eye -- she's fully embracing Twitter.

After a 40-day silence following her head surgery, the Argentine President reappeared last Wednesday, ending speculation concerning her health. On Monday, Fernández was not only back on her feet but touting her visit with Fidel Castro during the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) conference held in Havana, Cuba.

During the summit, Fernández visited the former Cuban dictator and posted pictures with Castro.

“We spoke about everything, but mostly a symbol of unity for Latin America and Caribbean in Havana.”

“He dedicated and signed photos that some people in Argentina had asked me to get. Precious.”

The Argentine leader tweeted throughout the day and even answered one of her follower's questions, who asked whether Fernández and Castro had talked about the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez.

“Yes, of course, we also spoke about Hugo. A lot. Unforgettable memories. Infinite nostalgia.”

Castro wasn’t the only Latin American dignitary Fernández met with on Monday. The Argentine president also posted photos of herself and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

“In the afternoon, meeting with Dilma, President of Brazil, who had just arrived from Lisbon.”



Cristina Fernandez