01/28/2014 08:11 pm ET Updated Jan 29, 2014

This Is What Super Bowl Media Day Looked Like For Richard Sherman

All eyes -- and cameras -- are on Richard Sherman.

The Seattle Seahawks' talkative and talented cornerback thrust himself into the Super Bowl spotlight with a decisive, defensive play and fiery, antagonistic rant at the end of the NFC Championship Game. In the week since he proclaimed his greatness and railed against San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree on national television, Sherman has been the focal point of an often contentious conversation on sportsmanship and race.

Not surprisingly, the 25-year-old cornerback was the main attraction at Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day on Tuesday. With his podium set up in the center of the hockey arena at the Prudential Center in Newark, Sherman was mobbed by dozens media members lugging microphones and cameras. A Stanford graduate who majored in Communications, Sherman answered questions -- even random and vaguely accusatory ones about strip clubs -- with thought and care. He gave out hugs and sound bites freely that The Associated Press described him as "downright charming." In addition to filling the notebooks of the reporters in attendance, Sherman, who brought his own camera, also shared arguably the most arresting photograph of the day. Sherman tweeted an image that gave his followers an idea of how Media Day looked from his point of view.

"All these cameras should go to my teammates," Sherman told the assembled mass, futilely, at one point during his hour of allotted time.

As is evident in the pictures snapped by the paid photographers in attendance, his words didn't seem to have much of an impact this time.

Richard Sherman At Super Bowl Media Day