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See How 'The West Wing' Celebrates The State Of The Union

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President Barack Obama delivers his fifth State of the Union address on Tuesday night (Jan 28). And though the White House is taking a cue from "The West Wing" by throwing a "Big Block of Cheese Day," how does the fictional world of "The West Wing" differ from reality when it comes to the important speech before the nation?

Here is a picture The White House tweeted today of Obama preparing by for tonight by reading through a final draft of the speech:

Which looks different than when President Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen, practiced his speech:

Other "West Wing" stars are also celebrating the State of the Union address. Actor Rob Lowe, who portrayed Sam Seaborn on the series tweeted:

Here is Sam reading a (cut) section from Bartlet's address he wrote about finding the cure for cancer:

Even the fake Twitter account for the character Donna Moss let her followers know how she and husband Josh Lyman were feeling on this historic day:

Speaking of Josh Lyman, here is his State of the Union bingo card from his fake Twitter account:

Here are Josh and Donna enraptured while watching Bartlet deliver his third State of the Union address years ago:

state of the union

Watch the video below which shows Bartlet as he is about to deliver his State of the Union address:

Here are Obama's thoughts on his speech:

See for yourself if the White House takes anymore cues from "The West Wing" by tuning into the speech at 9 p.m. EST.

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