01/29/2014 08:28 am ET Updated Jan 29, 2014

14 Things That Are Perfectly Acceptable Breakfast Foods, According To Us

If breakfast is really the most important meal of the day, we'd better make sure it's delicious. But we can all agree that the old bacon, eggs and pancakes routine can get a little tired. There are those times when you're staring down either your fridge or a restaurant menu (maybe you over-indulged last night, maybe you're just feeling saucy) when ordinary breakfast food just doesn't sound right to you. Guys, we'd like to encourage you to let your breakfast freak flag fly.

We asked around our office for all of the un-breakfast-y things we turn to time and again for sustenance in the morning, and we're betting you'll identify with a few. It turns out that pasta is basically appropriate for any meal, and that cake and pie are like delicious chameleons. And you listen to us, cold pizza -- don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't breakfast-appropriate.

  • 1 Cold Pizza
    James Harrop via Getty Images
    You can heat it up if you want to, but we prefer the full, cold from the fridge experience.
  • 2 Cake
    Irina Shomova via Getty Images
    Just pretend it's coffee cake, if you need to feel better about it.
  • 3 Leftover Spaghetti
    Annabelle Breakey via Getty Images
    Again -- hot, cold, anything goes.
  • 4 Grilled Cheese
    Sean Murphy via Getty Images
    Egg optional, but not required.
  • 5 Enchiladas
    We said once that if you put an egg on enchiladas, it makes them breakfast food -- but really we don't even need the egg.
  • 6 Blondies
    Brian Hagiwara via Getty Images
    Please refer back to coffee cake argument.
  • 7 Disco Fries
    If it makes you feel any better, you can just pretend they're biscuits and gravy (which are just as ridiculous a thing to eat for breakfast, if we're all being honest with ourselves).
  • 8 Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches
    Walter B. McKenzie via Getty Images
    You know you want to.
  • 9 Basically Any Noodle Dish On Earth
    Susie Adams via Getty Images
    From mei fun, to pad see ew, to hand-pulled noodles, to ramen to pasta carbonara -- all the noodles are appropriate, whether hot and fresh or cold and leftover.
  • 10 Pie
    Tetra Images via Getty Images
    If you think pie and coffee don't go perfectly together, you're never going to be friends with Agent Dale Cooper.
  • 11 Baked Potatoes
    Sometimes when we're suffering under the weight of a particularly brutal hangover, this is the only thing that can dig us out.
  • 12 Beans And Rice
    Preferably with pickled jalapeños.
  • 13 Mac & Cheese
    TheCrimsonMonkey via Getty Images
    Okay, this one actually needs to be hot. And you need to have hot sauce nearby.
  • 14 Leftover BBQ
    John Madden via Getty Images
    Any leftover barbecue, but especially brisket and pulled pork.

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