01/29/2014 01:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jimmy Fallon Passes On The 'Late Night' Pickle To Seth Meyers

We'll do our best to refrain from making any puns.

On Tuesday, exiting "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon, handed over the ceremonial "Late Night" pickle to his replacement Seth Meyers. The novelty dill has been a tradition at the show since the days of Letterman. His staff gave it to Conan O'Brien, and when Conan left "Late Night" for his date with destiny as a brief host of "The Tonight Show" he entrusted it to Jimmy Fallon (see clip below).

We're not sure if there's an oversized plastic "Tonight Show" jar of kimchi in Fallon's future, but the moment he shared with Seth Meyers and his audience was sweet nonetheless... unlike pickles which should always be sour.

Take a look at the clip above and then see Fallon showing off the pickle back in 2009 below. "Late Night With Seth Meyers" begins on February 24, and this Saturday will be his last episode of "Saturday Night Live."

We did it! No puns!



Jimmy Fallon!