01/29/2014 02:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lorde Formally Thanks Her New Zealand Fans In A Handwritten Letter

Lorde returned to her home country of New Zealand this week, after performing at Sunday night's (Jan. 26) Grammys and winning awards for Song of the Year and Best Solo Pop Performance. The 17–year–old singer hasn't let her success get to her head and, instead, appeared genuinely overwhelmed as she accepted her Grammys. The best part of all? Lorde credits her Kiwi friends for all of her success and hasn't gotten too caught up to remember to tell them so.

In fact, she thanked the people of New Zealand formally in a handwritten note.

The star's letter was printed in Wednesday's (Jan. 29) issue of The New Zealand Herald, as a way to show Lorde's supporters how grateful and down–to–earth she really is. In a way, the hand–drawn Grammy at the top of her written note (complete with a crossed–out error) also reminds her Kiwi audience that she's still just a teenager.

"Holy crap," she writes in response to her Grammys win. "It was a crazy day and my friends and family over here are still freaking out."

"Freaking out" is a reasonable response after Lorde's whirlwind year with her song "Royals" rising to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, making her the youngest artist to top the chart in the last 26 years.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the time you've given me these past 14 months," Lorde continued. "Finding out about me online, or in between these pages, or in your headphones. Without your support, there's no way I would even have gotten to stand in the middle of the Staples Centre and perform in my school shoes."

Her language and sweet "xxx L" signature may remind you of passing notes in junior high, but that's what makes her letter so endearing. After all, few of us have the opportunity to rise to international stardom while we're still in our "school shoes."