01/29/2014 11:56 am ET Updated Jan 29, 2014

Louis C.K. Reminisces With Jon Stewart About The $5,000 He Gave Him For 'Tomorrow Night'

Louis C.K. stopped by "The Daily Show" on Tuesday night and took a trip down comedy memory lane with his old friend Jon Stewart.

After revealing that Stewart gave C.K. $5,000 to make his first movie, "Tomorrow Night," which is being released on his website today for $5, the two reminisced about working together on "Caroline's Comedy Hour" with Dave Attell and company back in the early '90s.

As for C.K.'s long-lost, black-and-white directorial debut, he said, "Nothing makes much sense but the performances are great," and noted that all of the parts were written specifically for the (many now-famous) actors. He also showed a clip featuring Steve Carell making a prank call as an old woman, and yeah, it's pretty great.

Watch the interview above to hear more about "Tomorrow Night," plus a bit of Stewart praising C.K. for "showing initiative in a room full of potheads" and more back before they were famous.



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