01/29/2014 05:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Morton Salt 'Umbrella Girl' Gets A Makeover For Her 100th Birthday (PHOTO)

Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

Morton Salt's iconic "Umbrella Girl" got a few minor tune-ups for her 100th birthday this week.

The Chicago-based company recently revealed a fresh version of the logo, only tweaking the font and and some of the lines in altogether minimal ways. Design firm and publisher Under Consideration wrote of the updated design:

"The new Umbrella Girl has been updated for the better, removing some of the extraneous line work that muddied up the illustration when rendered small. Compared to the 1933 – 1941 and 1956 – 1968 updates, where new dresses and hairstyles were introduced, this is a very conservative update."

You can see from the comparison below how little was changed with the update:

According to the company's archives, Sterling Morton, the son of founder Joy Morton, championed the umbrella girl design over other designs under consideration because it represented "the whole story in a picture – the message that the salt would run in damp weather was made beautifully evident."

The history of the Morton Salt "Umbrella Girl" as chronicled by the company:

morton salt

The company is celebrating the Umbrella Girl's 100-year anniversary with events throughout the year, including 100 parties in 100 cities, Morton Salt Girl day at Wrigley Field and with Facebook and Instagram lookalike contests, the Tribune reports.



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