01/29/2014 11:28 am ET Updated Jan 31, 2014

Ryno vs. Segway: Is It Time To Crown A New 'Lamest Vehicle'?

If the Ryno looks like it just came out of a video game, that’s because in some ways it did. The new vehicle balances on one fat motorcycle tire that makes it look ready to tackle triple-digit speeds. In reality, it can barely muster double-digit speeds, something it has in common with your local mall cop's ride of choice, the Segway scooter.

And the two machines share more than just a similar top speed -- both use gyroscopic trickery to maintain balance, both cost within $1,000 dollars of each other and both use electric motors for power. While the Segway is on sale now, the Ryno website says the company expects to deliver its first batch of vehicles in the second quarter of 2014.

Since we were not invited to ride the Ryno, we can only compare the two machines' most important on-paper specs to determine if the Ryno is the better vehicle for the next generation of mall cops or if the Segway is here to stay. Here's what we found:

Ryno v. Segway