01/30/2014 04:39 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2014

Seahawks' Derrick Coleman Has Super Bowl Ticket Surprise For Adorable Fans

Come Sunday, two Seahawks fans at MetLife stadium will be cheering for fullback Derrick Coleman louder than most. They won't be the Seahawks cheerleaders, or even a pair of beer-swilling college bros; instead, his two biggest fans will likely be Riley and Erin Kovalcik, 9-year-old twin sisters from New Jersey who both have a hearing impairment.

Coleman, the NFL's first legally deaf fullback, surprised the girls with Super Bowl tickets after they sent him an adorable letter thanking him for being such an inspiration.

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The girls' letter went viral on Twitter earlier this week. They were later interviewed on Good Morning America about their experience and what Coleman means to them.

“We were so happy that there was actually somebody that was good and could understand everything about hearing aids and that could help you,” the girls told the show. “And he actually, he speaks for saying that anything can be done, even with a disability.”

Shortly thereafter -- and to the obvious delight of the girls -- Coleman stepped into the room to personally thank them for their support. In additon to a response letter he'd written them earlier in the week (see below), he had one more surprise up his sleeve: Super Bowl tickets for the entire Kovalcik family.

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The starstruck girls managed to squeeze in multiple hugs, a selfie and an effusive "thank you" before Coleman took his leave.

WATCH the heartfelt moment, above. Then, check out Coleman's Duracell ad, which tells his story (below).