01/30/2014 10:51 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2014

Rob Thomas Brings 'iZombie' Procedural To The CW

DC Comics/Vertigo

It was a big day for The CW, which officially gave the green light to two potential spin-off pilots. While fans have known about "The Flash" pilot -- originally a backdoor pilot in "Arrow," now a stand-alone project -- and the proposed "Supernatural" backdoor pilot, the network has now confirmed it is definitely ordering both. It even announced a name for the "Supernatural" spinoff. Also on the plate is one of the oddest comic book properties in the last decade, with "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas attached to adapt it.

"iZombie" is described as a supernatural procedural, chronicling a young zombie woman who's able to maintain her humanity by eating brains. To do this without all the killing usually associated with those among the walking dead, she takes a job in the coroner's office. The only problem: she gains the memories of the person whose brain she just ate. With this knowledge, she helps solve homicide cases. Fans of the comic know things only get stranger, but it's unclear how deep into the comic the network is willing to go.

After "Supernatural" scored a three-year ratings high this week, it's easy to see why The CW is excited to announce that it's moving forward on the series' proposed spin-off. They also announced a potential title, "Supernatural: Tribes," which should give fans something to ponder. Set in Chicago, it's will delve deeper into the ongoing battle between hunters and monsters.

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, should both "Flash" and "SN: Tribes" get picked up, The CW will have three spin-offs on the air; "The Originals" -- a "Vampire Diaries" spin-off -- is expected to return next season.



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