01/30/2014 10:09 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2014

John Stamos, Bob Saget And Dave Coulier Haven't Changed Much Since 'Full House'

"Full House" fans are in for a treat this Sunday. During the Super Bowl, John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier will reunite for an Oikos yogurt commercial.

While promoting Oikos on Wednesday (Jan. 29) in New York City, Stamos, Saget, and Coulier chatted with HuffPost TV about "Full House" memories, reunion possibilities and more. Not only did the guys manage to convince us that they really are a family, but -- not to spoil the ending for you -- it looks like "Full House" fans are in for a huge treat.

How often do the three of you actually get together?

John Stamos: Every single day. We get together more than anyone would imagine.

Bob Saget: We see each other a lot. We talk about personal stuff, relationships, about our families, things that matter. And then we talk nonsense. We just hang out.

Dave Coulier: [Stamos and Saget] were out to dinner the other night, and they called me up. I was at home and they said, "What are you doing? We're gonna come over." And I said, "okay," so I answered the door in my onesie and we sat in my backyard. These are my brothers.

BS: We are like brothers.

JS: We also see the girls quite a bit. We see Candace [Cameron Bure] and Jodie [Sweetin] in Los Angeles, and when we're in New York we see Mary-Kate and Ashley [Olsen]. It's a phenomenon. It's weird that we see each other so much. But I think that's one of the successes of the show. Magic happens. There's a chemistry that just hasn't stopped.

BS: They always say there's stuff between the lines with the looks people give each other. We would laugh beyond what the dialogue was, because the dialogue was written for families, you know? It was written for 12-year-old girls to understand, so I didn't understand it. But we kept it alive through our own humor and acting silly.

The three of you are pretty iconic. Everyone thinks of you as Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey. Do you feel like you have a standard to uphold? Do you feel like you have to be role models?

DC: Yeah, and I think that's great. I have so many people tell me they had a tough childhood, or that "Full House" got them through a tough time as a kid. It's very encouraging that we touched people in a certain way.

JS: When the show came on originally, it was about three men raising kids.

BS: Right, a non-conventional family.

JS: And the reason it's stayed so popular is because that idea has become more and more popular. There's more same-sex marriage, there are more two-dad and two-mom families. The show spoke to that back then and it lands pretty heavily with that right now.

BS: And losing a mother, which is what a lot of Disney films are based on. There's no mom. We were able to bring happiness to that kind of life through a situation comedy.

JS: But life has become more similar to that over the last 25 years. The show's actually become more relatable, as silly as it was.

DC: Yeah, I think the show parallels life more now than it did then.

BS: Except none of the girls look like me, they look more like Joey on the show (laughs). One thing we've talked about a lot -- John and I were just talking about it the other day -- is that there is a certain responsibility. Actors can go, "That's just a person I played, that's not me." It doesn't matter what you feel about it, it's the feedback you get and the impact you made. So there is a responsibility. People love it.

JS: We've also been able to do other jobs and other work, and we've finally been able to say, "Wow, that means so much to people." I've been getting calls -- I know you guys do too -- but over the past few months, I've gotten calls from so many sick kids who just want to say hi, and it means so much to them. I've always cherished the show, but now it's really hitting me. Over the past year it's really hit me. That's really the purpose for all of us.

Do you have a favorite "Full House" Memory?

BS: When people ask, "What was your favorite episode?" I always say, "the last one," but that's just a little cynical. No, but Dave would fling his underwear up into the top of the --

DC: I used to throw my underwear around!

JS:The truth is, it was eight years of love. We'd go to work together, we'd go to dinner together--

BS: We'd act out, we would act silly--

DC: We'd go on vacations together!

And the cool thing is, it wasn't a movie where you only worked together for a short period of time. You worked together for years.

BS: And it's been over 20 years now. So we choose to hang out with each other. One night we were out to dinner with everybody -- all the girls, we were in Malibu -- and we saw Tony Danza and his wife and they said, "You guys eat dinner together?" There have been a lot of nice memories.

So, the million dollar question: Will there be a Full House reunion?

JS: There's sort of one in the works. We've been so protective of its legacy, and we can't say yet. But as we're speaking now, there's a little bit of a twist on a reunion, and hopefully it'll happen. Because everyone wants to see it!



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