01/30/2014 09:15 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2014

Jon Stewart On The SOTU: When Did Obama Become A Jewish Mother?

Jon Stewart gave President Obama some credit for not going the obvious route with Tuesday's State of the Union address, but he was flummoxed at some of the choices the President made in addressing the nation.

For instance, instead of the typical "the state of our nation is strong" opener, Obama instead opted to paint a picture of what nurses, farmers and schoolteachers across America had done that day.

"Is he talking to Congress or pitching his independent film?" Stewart joked.

But he was particularly amused by Obama's rhetoric chiding the House and the Senate for failure to pass legislation, joking, "It was clear he had recently taken a course at the Learning Annex of Passive Aggression for Jewish Mothers."

He continued, launching into his exaggerated impression of such a mother: "I have a lot to do... You could help, or you could be a disappointment to me, even though at one time I pushed you through my vagina..."

Check out Stewart's reaction to the speech above, including how he felt about the call to raise wages for women and prioritize veteran benefits.



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