01/30/2014 02:28 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2014

Survey Says One-Fifth Of UK Couples Leave Their Wedding Rings At Home

A wedding ring symbolizes commitment, loyalty and trust -- so when a spouse removes the band, what does it mean?

According to a new survey, many young married people are doing just that and for reasons that may surprise you.

As part of their annual marriage report, UK law firm Slater & Gordon surveyed 2,000 British couples and found that one-fifth of participants admitted to removing their wedding rings. According to a press release, "the most common reasons people gave for removing their rings were that they felt they got more attention from the opposite sex without a ring, that the ring was uncomfortable and that they were cross with their other half and wanted to make a point."

Additionally, one in eight said they felt they would be judged as "boring" if they wore the ring while out. And over one-third said they removed it to get ahead at work, believing that they would close more deals sans ring.

The rationale differed among genders; men admitted to removing their rings to get more attention from women, and women said they were more likely to remove their rings after a fight.

But could it spell danger for the relationship?

Kaleel Anwar, a family lawyer at Slater & Gordon, says it might. “We often have clients who have been frustrated by their partner’s reluctance to wear a ring, particularly in certain circumstances," she said. "It seems that couples are more likely to take offense or consider it a sign of infidelity if someone refuses."

Indeed, 25 percent of the women surveyed said it appears suspicious when a man removes his wedding band, and 20 percent said it indicates that he doesn't take his marriage seriously.

What do you think: would you be suspicious of a spouse who removed his or her wedding ring? Let us know in the comments!

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