01/30/2014 09:32 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2014

Things Women Should Stop Apologizing For

Shuji Kobayashi via Getty Images

I am always apologizing. My sisters say it’s because I’m a pushover. I blame that (and all of my problems) on the Middle Child Syndrome. To the stranger who rudely pushed me to get on the subway, I’m sorry. To my peer who failed an exam because they didn’t study, I’m sorry. To the waiter who messed up my order, I’m sorry.

Granted, I also apologize when it’s imperative; like overindulging at my sisters wedding (damn you, Cab Sauv), or for sending obnoxious drunk texts (like WTF does ‘sejfkes’ even mean?) and for cursing unnecessarily at the TV screen (I can’t handle how many tears already exist on "The Bachelor," okay? Did ya hear that Sharleen?).

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