01/31/2014 04:03 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2014

DJ D-Nice Reveals 10 Songs For The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Playlist (LISTEN)

Courtesy of D-Nice

Hosting a Super Bowl party requires attention to detail. And in addition to providing food and beverages to entertain guests for football’s global event, you may also want to consider selecting a masterful playlist to keep the party grooving.

No need to fret, DJ D-Nice is on the clock this weekend providing the soundtrack to five events taking place across New York City. And while the sought-after tastemaker (born Derrick Jones), who’s responsible for discovering Kid Rock and original member of influential hip-hop group Boogie Down Productions, has had the opportunity of participating in various prestigious events including President Obama’s 2012 campaign, he admits that he prefers to play each gig by his ear, literally.

“I’m one of those guys who really don’t prepare like that. I don’t create playlists for an event,” the 42-year-old admitted to the Huffington Post. “If I was doing a weekly party for the same crowd, I would know what to expect. But when you do private events you never know what the audience is going to be.”

“You always get a sense of music direction from the client. Let’s say with a party, ‘I want it to feel grown and sexy.’ Well grown and sexy could mean anything, because grown and sexy depends on your audience and your demo. Grown and sexy for me rocking out at a Warner Bros. party is different with me rocking out at one of Jay Z’s events. So honestly, I know soo much music and I really just feed off of the crowd.”

With that said, we decided to mix it up with D-Nice and put his music curating skills to the test and asked him to choose 10 tracks to complete an ultimate Super Bowl playlist.

Check out his picks below.

  • 10 DJ Snake & Lil Jon – "Turn Down For What"
    “That song is so aggressive and it’s so hot right now. It feels like a electronic record, but it’s like 100 beats per minute so it still feels hip-hop… That’s the feeling that you get as a winner, when you’re in the party it’s like, ‘Turn down for what? Let’s keep this going.’ So that’s one of my favorite records out right now.”
  • 9 Drake - "Worst Behavior"
    “Right now one of the biggest hip-hop records that I play in the club is Drake’s ‘Worst Behavior.’ And that’s in hip hop and in Top 40 clubs. As soon as that comes on people go crazy. That vibe is what’s hot right now.”
  • 8 Martin Garrix - "Animals"
    “No matter when I play that song, that’s like a prime time party record right now. In terms of Electronic Top 40. As soon as that beat drops people lose it. It’s just one of those great electronic records.”
  • 7 RUN-DMC - "It's Tricky"
    “That song always seems to bring the energy up. People know it. It doesn’t matter what race, people know that record and they feel good. As soon as it drops it still feels like it’s a new record. “
  • 6 Katy Perry - "Roar"
    “In the clubs when I mix that in, sometimes I mix it in with J-Kwon’s ‘Tipsy.’ People still love the beat from ‘Tipsy. ’ Especially when I’m in the Top 40 club. The song is just nuts. Everyone sings it. It’s just one of those songs to keep people on the dance floor."
  • 5 Beyoncé - "Drunk in Love"
    “It’s kind of hard to play it in a private event, but if you’re talking about the 'ultimate Super Bowl party,' it’s one of the biggest songs that I play. That song makes every woman in the party feel sexy. And they can still bounce to it. And it feels kind of aggressive with Bey rapping and then Jay coming on. So it’s just one of those songs that seems to work in the club."
  • 4 Pitbull – "Timber"
    “Pitbull’s ‘Timber’ is crazy in the clubs. When you’re thinking Super Bowl, you’re thinking mainstream, because that’s what the Super Bowl is…Aside from it being the number one record in the country, it’s a good feel good record.”
  • 3 House of Pain - "Jump Around"
    “When I do a lot of old school sets, even if it’s mainstream, all of my parties I always seem to do old school sets, because that’s what makes me happy and kind of breaks up the new music and gets people singing along again to some of their favorites."
  • 2 DMX - "Party Up (Up In Here)"
    “No matter the crowd, that record is like the ultimate hip-hop record. DMX is aggressive, the chorus is angry, but yet, the beat makes everything seem fun and bright.”
  • 1 Rihanna - "Pour It Up"
    ’We Found Love’ is too easy to just play. But at the same time if I had to think about the one Rihanna song in my last ten gigs that I always play, I would have to go with ‘Pour It Up.’ That really works in all clubs."