01/31/2014 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wanna Drink Like A Famous Person This Weekend? Here's How Bill Murray Gets Down.

Eschew your boring regular habits this weekend by drinking like...

Bill F***ing Murray!

Bill Murray

Back in the fall, the legendary actor and comedian invested in a new brand of alcohol -- Slovenia Vodka, a buckwheat spirit distilled (not shockingly) in a Slovenian town.

Of the vodka, Murray told Esquire, "Different vodkas have different effects. ... I have a quieter voice when I drink it. I drink gin, and once, when drinking gin, I made a large man cry. Not with this. This makes you kind of sweet."

But how does one drink vodka at Bill Murray's house? With an ice luge, of course! As he told Esquire, the actor has been throwing annual Christmas parties where vodka is poured down an icy chute into shot glasses. If you'd like to make such a chute, you'll need to clear out enough space in your freezer for a medium-sized plastic container full of water. (Or, if you're fancy, you can buy a mold.)

Once you've filled the container -- not all the way to the top -- prop one end up so your finished product will slope downward, and let the freezer do its job. To carve out an 'S' shape (or more of a 'Z' shape) you can use one of three methods:

1. Salt: Use a spoon or a screwdriver to carve a path on the surface of the ice. Put some salt in the path and let sit for 15 minutes. Scoop out the salt and smooth out the path using the spoon. Repeat two or three times. (Hat tip to Gizmodo for this one.)
2. Force: Use a spoon or a screwdriver to chisel a path on the surface of the ice. Keep going.
3. Blowtorch: Not recommended unless you know what you're doing. And you probably don't.

Pouring hot water slowly and carefully down the luge can help smooth it out. Ta-da!

Now, if you'd like to drink like Bill Freaking Murray this weekend and don't have time to go about making a large ice sculpture, we've noticed the man has a thing for tequila.



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