01/31/2014 05:50 pm ET

Jennifer Garner Might Have A Crush On Tom Brady, Sorry Ben Affleck

Jeff Gross via Getty Images

Jennifer Garner is married to one of the most handsome and beloved men in the world (ahem, Ben Affleck), but the actress isn't afraid to admit she checks out other guys.

The 41-year-old chatted about her love of football during a press conference for her new flick "Draft Day" at the Super Bowl XLVIII media center at the Sheraton Hotel in New York on Jan. 31, and revealed that she's a huge New England Patriots fan -- to the dismay of many New York reporters.

"I mean, I just like the Patriots," Garner admitted as the crowd booed. "Yeah, I can take it, go ahead, boo me, I don’t care," she joked, adding, "I like watching Tom Brady, not just because he’s handsome -- I get handsome, I understand handsome -- but he’s a fine leader, he’s a great quarterback and I like the team. I’m not going to apologize for that."

But despite the fact that Garner knows a good-looking man when she sees one, the audience at the Super Bowl media center obviously knows a pretty woman when they see one too, considering everyone cheered, taking hundreds of snapshots as the A-list actress entered the room.

"You’ve been shooting a lot of boys haven’t you? A girl walks in and you all go crazy," she laughed.

But there's no reason a beautiful lady can't grace the land of extreme football fanatics. Actually, Garner quite enjoyed the spectacle of it all.

"I have a great deal of respect for any women that will enter the world of little boys of sports. I mean, have you been out there? It’s like little boy heaven," she explained, bringing onlookers, once again, to hysterics.

She said she loved filming "Draft Day" alongside Kevin Costner and Denis Leary.

"It was heaven [being in this little boys world], actually. I’ve loved football since I was in the marching band of junior high and high school and was the water girl for my high school’s team."

Wow, who knew?

"Draft Day" hits theaters on April 11.



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