01/31/2014 01:53 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2014

'There Are A Whole Lot Of Dreams Here In Skid Row': Homeless People Share Their Hopes In Poignant Video

When you walk past a homeless person jangling a cup filled with quarters, it’s easy to assume that he’s solely focused on getting his next meal or fix.

But the Jubilee Project, a nonprofit that uses storytelling to inspire change, reminds us that we shouldn't be so quick to judge by showing us how far-reaching and poignant the dreams of homeless people are.

In the group's moving video, 50 homeless people living on Skid Row shared their greatest hopes for themselves and their families.

Some talked about dreams of moving into their own homes. Others shared their deep-rooted desire to kick their addictions. One man said he just wants to help others to make sure they don’t go through the "trials and tribulations" that he’s endured.

But across the board, many simply want to be seen as people -- individuals who want to live meaningful lives, but need a little help getting there.

"We’re not all beggars down here. We’re not all people asking for a handout," one man said. "One thing that’s present in each and every one of us is dreams. There are a whole lot of dreams here in Skid Row."

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