02/01/2014 01:04 pm ET Updated Feb 03, 2014

New Richie Incognito Texts With Jonathan Martin Released: Report

A lawyer for embattled Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito released new text messages this week that were allegedly sent between his client and former teammate Jonathan Martin.

The texts, which Incognito's attorney Mark Schamel released exclusively to CBS Miami, suggest the two stayed in contact after Martin left the team in October. They also reveal that both players sent each other messages using graphic language and statements that could be construed as threats:

Incognito and Martin were exchanging messages on December 17, 2012 and were going to go out together. At one point in the exchange, Martin told Incognito, “Ima egg your house & light a bag of s*** on fire then ring your doorbell.”

Incognito responded, “I’m going to shoot you and claim self defense. I’m white ur black I’ll walk.”

Martin responded back, “I’m gonna give McDonald bath salts and lock him in your house with a tranquilizer gun & a box of sand paper condoms.” Incognito replied to Martin, “Hahaha.”

Martin abruptly left the Dolphins in October to reportedly receive treatment for emotional distress. Incognito was suspended by the team soon after Martin's departure and the NFL began an investigation into the matter. A statement subsequently issued by his attorney claimed that Martin had been subjected to mistreatment by his teammates "that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing." A report on the NFL investigation's findings will be released after the Super Bowl.

Incognito's lawyer released the texts a day after NBC aired an interview with Martin in which he said that the constant vulgar language on the team made him "feel trapped."

Read more of the released text messages at CBS Miami.