02/03/2014 08:18 am ET Updated Feb 04, 2014

Bacon Pops Got Us To Agree To Eat Bacon For Dessert Again (PHOTO)

Go Cook Yourself

Okay, we get it people, you really like your bacon. You like your bacon so much you can't just leave it at the breakfast table. You need it in your soda. You need it with your dessert. You even need it to replace your taco shells and bowls. Some of you are such bacon freaks you even want to be buried in it (and might we suggest you get yourself some help).

To you bacon addicts out there, we have two things we need to discuss with you. One: How come breakfast sausage keeps getting the shaft? And two: Have you tried bacon pops yet?

While even though we're tired of bacon -- we don't want to eat another cupcake with a candied bacon strip topping it and we don't want to hear about another bacon-infused cocktail -- when it comes to bacon pops, well, we kind of want to try those. Bacon pops, the brain child of Go Cook Yourself, is nothing more than a perfectly cooked piece of bacon dipped in chocolate (sometimes also topped with nuts, sprinkles or candy). It's the combination of two great foods. And it's simple, which is why it works.

So if you're looking for another excuse to eat bacon, head on over to Go Cook Yourself and try their bacon pops recipe.

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