02/03/2014 10:17 am ET Updated Feb 03, 2014

This Young Woman's Approach To Self-Confidence Is One We Could All Learn From

Is confidence an achievement, or a process?

We prefer the latter, care of Lucy, one half of the popular online, long-distance couple, Kaelyn and Lucy. Lucy responded to fans who asked how she's always so confident in an inspiring video posted on YouTube this week. She assures viewers that while she's definitely not confident all the time, the realization that "you deserve better than the miserable company of self-loathing" will "change your life."

She also reminds young women watching that "if someone else spends their precious time on earth disliking you for some sh*tty, superfluous reason, that sucks for them, and only them." We've heard similar types of encouragement before, but Lucy's frank take is a very welcome reminder.

The video is an uplifting, inspiring must-see no matter how confident you may or may not actually be.

For more from Kaelyn and Lucy, be sure to check out their YouTube page.



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