02/03/2014 03:52 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2014

The One Glaring Fault Of The Seinfeld Super Bowl Reunion

NBC via Getty Images

The AMC Pacer is the George Costanza of cars if we’re to believe the Super Bowl special of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" that brought George, Jerry and Newman back together for the big game.

Though both Costanza and the Pacer are short and squat, the mid-'70s compact car already has its celebrity association with Wayne and Garth as the Mirthmobile in “Wayne’s World.”

There’s no doubt Costanza deserved a better choice of car. In fact, he deserved a car that reflected the “Seinfeld” universe that was reopened in this special episode of "CCGC." Especially since that universe already contains the George Costanza of cars -- the K-Car era Chrysler LeBaron convertible, otherwise known as the “Jon Voight Car,” that George bought in the episode “The Mom & Pop Store."

Below, are three "Seinfeld" vehicles more worthy of George Costanza.



  • 1 1980s Chrysler LeBaron Convertible

    The "Jon Voight Car" is a rolling testament to Costanza -- it lacks style, is literally and figuratively square, and it was built on someone else's dime -- in this case the taxpayer money that came from Chrysler's first bailout.
    Plus, George purchased the car simply because he was under the impression that the car was the former chariot of Jon Voight the actor, only to find out that the car was actually owned by John Voight the periodontist.
    With its gaudy wood paneling that stands out like a Gore-Tex coat, and its convertible roof, that when up resembled a toupee, the LeBaron convertible is Costanza.
  • 2 Saab Convertible

    But let's say the writers, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, attempted to get their hands on a LeBaron convertible for this special CCGC episode, but failed in their attempts. Then the next best car for this reunion would have been a Saab convertible. Any Saab convertible works, but preferably a black mid-'90s Saab 900 convertible -- just like the one Jerry drove in "Seinfeld."
    Yes, Seinfeld told Redditors in an AMA that he chooses cars that he feels reflect his guests, but this was no ordinary episode of CCGC. An homage to Jerry's affinity for the quirky Swedish brand in the '90s television show in the form of a Saab convertible would have made this special episode of CCGC even better.
  • 3 90s Cadillac Fleetwood

    Fine, let's assume that it was impossible to locate both a K-Car Chrysler LeBaron convertible and a Saab convertible. The producers should then have sprung for a mid-'90s Cadillac Fleetwood. Neither George nor Jerry owned this car in the series, but it played a prominent role in a handful of "Seinfeld" episodes and would have served as a nice Easter egg for fans of the show.