02/04/2014 10:47 am ET Updated Feb 04, 2014

Josh Duhamel Posts Photo Of Baby Axl's Reaction To The Super Bowl

If you saw the Super Bowl this Sunday (Feb. 2), you know that the game wasn't exactly the most exciting. In fact, the Seahawks beat the Broncos by such a huge margin that the game got pretty boring, pretty quickly.

While that can be a hard thing to admit about football's biggest night of the year, Josh Duhamel had no problem poking fun at the uneventful evening in the cutest way possible.

The actor tweeted a photo of his and Fergie's son, Axl, yawning with the caption "Finally thoughts on #SB48…" Duhamel corrected the caption to "Final thoughts," but no one seemed to notice amid comments about how cute Axl is at just over five months.

Fans commented on the picture, trying to imagine what baby Axl could be thinking or just gushing over the adorable photo.

"Axl is like 'Daddy change it back to the #puppybowl,'" wrote one commenter.

The baby's photo was probably the nicest way Duhamel could've expressed his opinions on the big game. At the very least, it certainly got more attention than his earlier tweet suggesting the real meaning behind this year's 'SB.'