02/04/2014 06:47 pm ET Updated Feb 05, 2014

School Leaders Announce Snow Day In The Best Way Possible

As if getting word of a snow day weren't already exciting enough, these school leaders found an amazing way to spice up the news.

School principal James Detwiler and drama teacher Chad Caddell at Stephens Elementary School in Kentucky have been gaining attention around the Internet after posting a video of their musical snow day message on YouTube. The video shows the pair recording the announcement to the tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Detweiler told the video, which had more than 260,000 views on Tuesday, was recorded last week in anticipation of upcoming snow days.

"It was ready to go, so when I got the call yesterday morning early, I got up, got my coffee, pushed the button on my computer and it went out to everybody,” Detwiler told the outlet.

The development of the song -- from conception to recording -- only took about 20 minutes, Caddell told

It’s a positive spin on the cold and snow and hopefully even an encouragement to our families,” he said. “We didn’t do it for the attention, we did it for the love of our students.”

Bonus: Detwiler told the pair might make more musical messages for future snow days. We can't wait to hear 'em.