02/04/2014 09:02 am ET Updated Feb 04, 2014

13 Signs You're A Full-Blown Coffee Addict (PHOTOS)

Flickr: Robert Banh

When it comes to drinking coffee there is no middle ground. You aren't just kind of a coffee drinker. You either are or you aren't. And if you are, chances are you're pretty intense about it. Because it's really easy to go from drinking your first cup of coffee ever to not being able to function at all without one. From there, it's only a matter of time till you experience the most intense skull-splitting headache of your life if you should suddenly decide to forego a cup one morning.

Coffee's like that. Once it gets into your life, it completely takes over. We could blame the caffeine, but it isn't just that. For true coffee fiends, it is and always will be about the coffee. Whether it's iced, gourmet, or just black; pour over, percolated or French press, it doesn't matter. It's coffee, and that's good enough for us. If any of this is ringing true to you, chances are that your relationship with coffee runs deep. Read on and find out just how deep.

Coffee Addicts

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