02/05/2014 09:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

James Franco's Role in 'Maladies' Is An Actor Named James


James Franco steps it up in a major way for the upcoming film "Maladies," playing an actor named James. The new trailer for the film reveals the story of an actor who "is no longer acting," turning instead, unsuccessfully, to other projects. "Maladies" looks at James' mental health, and his relationships with friends and family upon returning to a small town.

"'Maladies' is a film, but it involves writing novels, acting—not only with actors playing characters, but one of the characters is also an actor—and it involves painting," Franco said of the project. "I’m interested in how they can all be tied up or frame each other."

Also starring Catherine Keener, Fallon Goodson and Alan Cumming, "Maladies" will hit theaters in March.