02/05/2014 09:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Thinks O'Reilly's Obama Interview Is The Perfect Example Of Fox's Dishonesty

When President Obama sat down with Bill O'Reilly in a pre-Super Bowl interview for Fox News, many believed that the President would be unable to win.

But Obama pushed back when, near the end of the interview that Jon Stewart referred to as the "full Fox scandal grab bag," he accused O'Reilly and Fox of being unfairly critical of his administration.

"That is quite an accusation!" Stewart said of Obama's reaction. "That Fox News unfairly promotes and creates scandals for the sole purpose of undermining this president! Although, in Obama's defense, it is true."

Stewart found this interview to be the pinnacle of Fox's virulently anti-Obama agenda, that causes the network to contradict itself in order to criticize the president, such as when some Fox pundits floated the theory that Obama accepted the interview in order to distract from other troubled areas of his administration.

"Brilliant!" Stewart said. "Deflect the spotlight from your many scandals by doing an interview on Fox about them, just before the most watched event in the history of television. That Obama, keeping it on the DL."

Although he took Fox to task for dishonesty in reporting and speculation, the "Daily Show" host himself has not been without issues of the administration. Just last week, Stewart conducted a palpably awkward interview with Nancy Pelosi in which he asked her some similar questions about corruption in the top levels of government.

But when it comes to Fox, Stewart suspects that their questions have less to do with speaking truth to power and more to do with a wildly conservative agenda.

He theorizes that perhaps, "Fox News is attempting to distract us, [and] rather than being a news organization, they are a spite-driven anger machine rooted in a fear that any change in the status quo will inevitably erode our nation's traditional power structure, leading to internment camps for 'real Americans,' powered by solar energy and tacos. Wait! Hard-shell, gay tacos."

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