02/05/2014 01:39 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2014

Man Saves Dog After Pup Falls Through Ice In Norway (VIDEO)

With the help of a wetsuit, some rope and a harness, a man in Norway began a daring endeavor to rescue a stranded dog.

As his wife looked on, Ove Karlsen plunged into icy waters to retrieve a pup that had somehow fallen into the lake. In a video of the rescue, Karlsen saves the dog by crawling across thin ice and wading through the water to fetch the pooch.

It was Karlsen's wife, Stine, who first spotted the marooned dog and enlisted her husband, who holds a diving certificate, to carry out the rescue, according to local reports. He grabbed his diving equipment and went to the lake to save the unlucky pup from drowning.

Fortunately, he was able to reach the dog while it still had the energy to keep its head above water. The couple then took the dog to a local veterinarian, who gave the it a clean bill of health. (Reports have differed on the dog's breed, identifying it as a Bernese mountain dog and as a St. Bernard.)

Though the rescue took place in January 2013, Karlsen didn't post a video of the operation on YouTube until last week. His operation has apparently garnered a lot of attention.

"Some people say they have cried while watching it because they were so touched," Karlsen said, according to Norway's The Local. "I did what I had to do and actually acted on impulse."

This article has been updated to note the conflicting reports about the breed of the dog.



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