02/05/2014 04:12 pm ET Updated Feb 05, 2014

Store Manager Gives Man New Trailer Home After Devastating Fire

William Berkshire, better known in Traverse City, Mich., as "Mountain Man," lost everything Sunday night when a fire burned down the travel trailer he lived in.

The destruction occurred outside Roy's General Store, reported. The next day, the store's manager, Rob Hentschel, surprised Berkshire by offering him a mobile home that Hentschel had rarely used.

"We're all human beings, we're all neighbors," Hentschel tells the station in the video above. "I had something that I could live without, and he needed a place."

But the generosity didn't stop there -- through Facebook, Roy's General Store made the town aware of Berkshire's situation. The community immediately stepped up to help.

More than 500 people shared the original Facebook post and neighbors began bringing clothes, blankets, shoes and other supplies for Berkshire.

"I am in tears after reading about this, what a wonderful blessing Rob Hentschel!!!" one person wrote on Facebook. "I am so proud to know there are still wonderful people in this town!!"



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