02/06/2014 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ellen DeGeneres Chats With Kate McKinnon About Her Bieber Impression

"Saturday Night Live" star Kate McKinnon may have the most famous Ellen DeGeneres impression in the world, but when McKinnon stopped by Ellen's show on Wednesday, the talk show host wanted to ask her about another impersonation she does: Justin Bieber.

"I really love Justin Bieber and I really wanted to do him just-ice," McKinnon joked. She said that she had trouble nailing the impression until her mom told her to focus on Bieber's physicality, and that's when it finally came together.

McKinnon also said that she has not heard from Bieber since performing the impression on "SNL," but that he came to her in a dream and was not too happy.

DeGeneres made McKinnon blush when she told her that she was currently her favorite performer on "SNL." She, too, has familial roots on the show: Her brother is comedian Vance DeGeneres, who was the voice of Mr. Hands in the famous "Mr. Bill" shorts from "SNL" in the 1970s.

Check out the full interview above.



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