02/06/2014 10:08 am ET Updated Feb 06, 2014

Obama On Louie Gohmert: He's 'Unbelievably Gracious,' But Then Again 'I Don't Watch TV'

At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington on Thursday, President Barack Obama had some nice words to say about one of the breakfast's co-chairs and a frequent critic of his, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

"I, by the way, have always found Louie to be unbelievably gracious every time I see him," Obama said. "I don't watch TV."

In the past, Gohmert has said that "Muslim Brotherhood members" have "influence" in Obama's administration, that judges who rule in favor of same-sex marriages "need some basic plumbing lessons," that atheists should "encourage those who believe in God to keep doing so," that a debt default would be an "impeachable offense by the president" and that "radical Islamists" are being "trained to act like Hispanic[s]."

During the prayer breakfast, Obama pronounced that "religion strengthens America," and spoke at length about the how promoting religious freedom in other countries is a foreign policy objective of the United States.



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