02/06/2014 01:07 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2014

There's Nothing More Random Than Rosario Dawson Telling A Turtle Joke (VIDEO)

No director should ever question if Rosario Dawson has range -- she even does turtle accents!

Dawson told her favorite turtle joke in a promo for the Turtle Conservancy, which aims to protect turtles and tortoises worldwide. You'll have to watch the video (above) for the jab, but the actress does go to on detail her affection for the creatures.

"I was so allergic to everything growing up," Dawson says in the video. "This is the one thing -- snakes and turtles -- that I could play with and I could love."

Dawson has been involved in planet-preserving causes before, doing promotional work for the climate change charity GlobalCool.

Click here if you'd like to donate to the Turtle Conservancy.