02/07/2014 10:24 am ET Updated Feb 07, 2014

Kym Whitley Visits Her Childhood Home In Shaker Heights, Ohio (VIDEO)

Hollywood may be actress and comedian Kym Whitley's stomping grounds now, but she recently returned to her roots with a trip to her hometown in Ohio. "Shaker Heights, Ohio is a predominately white neighborhood," Kym says. "It was when I moved in and it still is. So for my father to move to Shaker Heights -- done good, solider. "

In the above video from "Raising Whitley," Kym takes her son, Joshua, on a tour of her beautiful childhood home. "Fortunately, I know the people who bought our house," she says. "So I can walk up to my childhood home and just ring the doorbell."

The current owners welcome Kym into their home and the memories instantly come flooding back. Each room holds a special sentiment, from her mother's favorite spot on the patio to the banister Kym would slide down daily. "This is a house full of love," Kym says.

She and her brothers, Kyle and Scott, say they have their parents to thank for a great, but humble, childhood. "My daddy sat us down when we moved there and he said, 'I work hard to keep this house, so act accordingly. Be humble. If you get something extra, great,'" Kym says. "But he taught me that lesson then -- don't let this big house fool you, we could be on the streets any day."

"Raising Whitley" airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.



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