02/07/2014 12:01 pm ET Updated Feb 07, 2014

We WISH These Absurd 'Sports' Were Real Olympic Events

At the Sochi Winter Olympics, which began Feb. 7, you won’t be seeing kite flying or ski ballet -- no, those athletic gems are bygones of Olympic yesteryear.

For nearly a century, a special space was reserved for unofficial sporting events at the Olympic Games. Such an event was usually held as a trial for a sport's official inclusion in future Games or as a representation of a unique sport in the host country. These displays were given the name "demonstration sports" at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Sweden. But, sadly, the International Olympic Committee banished the often offbeat events after the Barcelona Summer Games in 1992.

The 1900 Paris Olympics by far featured some of the most remarkable (and bizarre) feats of physical strength and splendor -- among them, firefighting and poodle clipping.

Below, we've dug up six amazing demonstration sports we wish were part of the actual Games. You’re welcome.

Olympic Almosts