02/09/2014 12:16 am ET Updated Feb 09, 2014

Sean Hannity Puts New York Home On The Market


It seems that Sean Hannity is really leaving New York. Where did we go wrong?

The Fox News host put his house on the market, Newsday reported on Friday. His Lloyd Harbor home has been listed for $3.6 million, his listing agent told Newsday.

Hannity threatened to move away from New York after Governor Andrew Cuomo said that "extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault—weapon, anti-gay" have no place in the state. He had said he would wait until his teenage son graduates from high school to leave, but it appears that his plans may have changed.

The outspoken host said he was considering Texas and Florida for his new home.

Most New Yorkers appear to be coping well with the loss.