02/10/2014 10:29 am ET Updated Feb 10, 2014

I Got Cancer At 22 -- And Survived


"Inspirational" doesn't really cut it when you're talking about Suleika Jaouad. Her New York Times column and video series, "Life, Interrupted," documents her struggle with stage-four leukemia. Now cancer-free, Jaouad speaks with us about how she managed to defeat her disease with bravery and grace — and found a new sense of self in the process.

In the introduction to your first video for the Times, you said, “I wasn’t going to get my old life back.” What was that old life?
In fall of 2010, I had just graduated with highest honors from Princeton and was working as a paralegal in Paris. I was excited for the future and to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. My dream was to be a war correspondent, and in early 2011, I got my “big break” — a gig covering the revolution in Tunisia for a major newspaper. It was a dream come true.

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