02/11/2014 05:54 pm ET

Who Knew Bill Nye's Takedown Of Creationism Would Sound So Spiritual? (VIDEO)

When Bill Nye squared off against creationist Ken Ham in last week's highly anticipated debate, America's beloved "Science Guy" was concerned mostly with knocking down his opponent's pseudoscientific arguments.

But at times his rhetoric took on a surprisingly poetic tone.

"Where did we come from?" Nye asked the crowd at one point. "What was before the Big Bang? To us this is wonderful and charming and compelling. This is what makes us get up to go to work every day."

Nye's eloquence caught the attention of YouTube user melodysheep, who used Nye's words and some mesmerizing music to create a surprisingly inspiring video mashup -- check it out above.

The creationism debate itself, which was covered extensively by The Huffington Post, caused quite the stir on Twitter and across the internet. Maybe the video will help create some calm.



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