02/11/2014 03:32 am ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

India Back In The Olympics: IOC Lifts Ban After New Officials Elected


The International Olympic Committee has decided to reinstate India, officials say.

The move, which was announced early Tuesday, will allow the country's three athletes to compete in the Sochi Games under India's flag. Prior to the ruling, skiers Himanshu Thakur and Nadeem Iqbal and luger Shiva Keshavan were competing as independent Olympic participants.

Since the country did not have flag representation at the 2014 Olympics, The Times of India described the Opening Ceremonies as India's "Walk of Shame."

According to The Associated Press, India's Olympic committee was suspended in 2012 for electing officials who were accused of corruption, which was in breach of the Olympic Charter. On Sunday, new elections were held, and the organization's constitution was amended to comply with the Olympic guidelines.

To mark the change, the tricolor Indian flag will be raised in the Olympic Village.

This is the first time in Olympic history that a national suspension has been lifted during the games.